Female Startup Founders Take Center Stage at Venture Atlanta

Venture Atlanta, a premier venture capital conference in the Southeast, which has helped launch over 350 companies and secure over $4.3 billion in funding, is showcasing an unprecedented number of female founders on its 2019 stage. A third of the CEOs pitching at Venture Atlanta are women.

From Oct. 16-17, Venture Atlanta promises to connect startups throughout the Southeast to over 200 national investor funds. This year, 36 leaders representing venture and early-stage companies will take the Southern Exchange podium to pitch their businesses. 42 additional startup executives also will share their visions as “companies to watch” during a dedicated showcase at the event. 

The uptick of female representation is significant within the current venture capital and startup landscape. Out of $85 billion in VC funding last year, only 2.2% went to female founders and less than a quarter of the speakers at tech conferences were women. Yet, 2019 has seen a shift. According to Crunchbase, this year is on track to be one of the best years for dollars invested into startups with a female founder or co-founder.

Not all startup geographies produce the same results. In recent years, the South has set itself apart as a place for female entrepreneurs, with more women-owned businesses than other regions of the country. According to the Center for an Urban Future, the South is home to the top three cities with the highest five-year growth rate of women-owned firms in the nation. In 2018, Georgia ranked No. 2 in the United States for the most startups by women, with Atlanta, named by Inc., as the No. 3 city for women to launch a business. 

Want to learn about startups making waves in the South? Here are the companies led by female founders at Venture Atlanta:



CEO Name Louise Wasilewski

Description Acivilate’s Pokket enterprise software helps Corrections Commissioners cut the count of people entering prison, to improve safety and cut costs, a $3b problem. Pokket bridges the privacy barriers between corrections and social services by empowering offenders to share their data. he offender gets a fighting chance to rebuild his life and the officer has better data to intervene quickly to keep the offender on track. Live for 2 years, Pokket works inside and outside jails, across agencies and across jurisdictions.

Website https://acivilate.com


CEO Name Jaclyn Baumgarten

Description Boatsetter is the largest and fastest growing boat rental platform in the US. It allows people to rent boats directly from boat owners or charter operators alike with full transparency on price, in a few clicks. Not an experienced boater? That is fine, with one additional click, you can easily add a captain to your trip and not have to worry about a thing. Our wide variety of boats and services provide an ample selection for people to choose from so they can get out and enjoy the water.

Website https://www.boatsetter.com


CEO Name Sandeep Ahuja

Description Design better buildings with automation and machine learning. cove.tool has developed a game changing machine learning technology that helps users discover smarter ways to make their buildings energy efficient while saving on construction cost. The software builds smart, accurate models in a tenth of the time to help users explore a range of building alternatives and sort out the best one

Website https://covetool.com


CEO Name Suneera Madhani

Description For business owners and technology partners through real-time data analytics, transparent subscription pricing, and award-winning customer service. Instead of percentage markups and hidden fees, Fattmerchant offers business owners the lowest cost of interchange for a flat, monthly subscription saving members thousands of dollars each month.

Website https://fattmerchant.com


CEO Name Rachel Carpenter

Description Intrinio is a financial data company on a mission to power fintech innovation by providing affordable, high-quality data to developers and engineers from fintech companies, large institutions, hedge funds, startups, and universities. The Intrinio platform consists of an application programming interface (API) supported by over 200 types of financial data feeds that can be easily integrated into applications, websites, widgets, algorithms, and other financial tools. We can’t wait to see what you build.

Website https://intrinio.com


CEO Name Anju Mathew

Description OncoLens brings collaborative and personalized treatment planning to the cancer patient. Our SaaS based platform helps hospitals seamlessly integrate disparate sources of patient data with evidence based guidelines, precision medicine and other treatment options, enabling providers to make the best informed and collaborative decision for the patient.


CEO Name Christian Pillat & Ashley Messer (co-CEO)

Description The future of marketing is conversational and personal. But achieving that future has been hindered by fragmented channels, competing platforms, and closed data silos. Transitiv believes in OPEN data, and has built a Customer Data Platform that can link together all customer information, identify customer motives, and leverage machine learning to automate effective and dynamic advertising to the right person – with the right message – at the right time.

Website https://transitiv.io


CEO Name Liz Buchen

Description We need 70% more food to feed the growing population in the next 30 years & 70% of the world’s fresh water is used for irrigation. Trellis helps farmers grow 30% more & use 50% less water with their on-farm sensor network & AI-enabled software platform. Users in 24 states find their system to be radically easy-to-use & cost effective (5x less). Trellis’ cofounders are rocket scientists turned AgTech entrepreneurs. Leveraging their unique background helps them to bring a fresh perspective to the industry.

Website http://mytrellis.com

Undergrid Networks

CEO Name Marilyn D. Jackson

Description Undergrid Networks products enhance customers interactions in the increasingly integrated physical, online/mobile, and digital environments. They provide expertise and services for the next generation of network architectures. 

Website http://www.undergridnetworks.com


CEO Name Tammy Hawes

Description Virsys12 is a Salesforce AppExchange and Gold partner offering healthcare apps (V12 Network and V12 IPD) and implementations that focus on provider network, contract management and directory compliance for payers and health systems. Virsys12 was founded in 2011 and received funding from Salesforce Ventures in 2018. Virsys12 solves complex issues for healthcare payers, providers and managed care organizations with scalable, secure and flexible cloud technology. We serve clients in 30+ states and co-sell with Salesforce.

Website https://virsys12.com



CEO Name Sheena Allen

Description CapWay is a digital bank bridging the gap between those who are financially underserved and the cashless economy. With debit cards at its core, CapWay also provides financial content to its users with the mission of increasing financial literacy. Although open to consumers nationwide, CapWay has a strategic B2B2C execution strategy. CapWay works directly with schools, community organizations, retailers, employers, and other businesses-to-business verticals.

Website www.CapWay.co

Case Status

CEO Name Lauren Sturdivant

Description Case Status is a client management and marketing platform for law firms. It gives clients information they desire in the palm of their hand. Case Status also solves pain points lawyers face daily by managing the client relationship (i.e. case updates, automated touches, scheduled messages, providing a roadmap of the matter, tracking the client experience) so lawyers can focus on their work, resolving cases more efficiently, and growing their firms. Our mission is to improve the lives of lawyers and clients globally.

Website casestatus.com

Civic Dinners

CEO Name Jenn Graham

Description Civic Dinners is a civic engagement platform helping to build a more inclusive world. Combining the power of food, conversation and technology, Civic Dinners helps bring people together over food for conversations that matter. We work with global brands, beloved cities and regions, and world-changing nonprofits to design and launch community conversations on topics from mobility, and sustainability to inclusivity, race and women’s rights. Join us at the table to learn more about how we will build a more inclusive world.

Website www.civicdinners.com


CEO Name Dr. Roshawnna Novellus

Description EnrichHER helps women grow their ventures through our funding platform and our network. EnrichHER Funding is disrupting traditional and predatory lending terms through its credit model and lending environment. Our lending platform connects revenue-generating women-led companies seeking up to $250,000 with accredited, non-accredited, and institutional lenders who want to earn cash flow while fueling the growth of women-led businesses. Our network, EnrichHER Society, has engaged with over 19,000 advocates globally.

Website ienrichher.com


CEO Name Rachel McCrickard

Description Motivo is the largest platform for therapist telesupervision. We connect pre-licensed therapists with clinical supervisors through secure video conference. Motivo helps aspiring therapists get the supervision required to earn their license, grow their skills, and launch their career.

Website wearemotivo.com


CEO Name Amanda Sabreah

Description Partnr is a developer and code analytics app for software engineers and engineering managers. We make analytics more than possible – but easy, and in real-time. Understand your code quality as you go, spot productivity trends to help you improve, track your performance rate over time, and organize and archive all the work you do as you go. With one tool, you see the whole picture.

Website getpartnr.com


CEO Name Umama Kibria

Description SweatPack is a fitness team for friends! We connect people to group workouts and sports leagues. Start or join a team for weekly meetups and socializing. Our two-sided market place allows gyms, studios, and sports leagues to easily list their open slots and set prices. Local restaurants and brands can offer discounts for teams for post-workout socializing.

Website https://sweatpack.co


CEO Name Laura Wysong

Description Tranzhalo provides cybersecurity SaaS solutions for the connected and autonomous fleet and trucking market. We provide operators with real-time insights and remediation guidance for in-vehicle cybersecurity, risk and compliance issues. Our vehicle “risk security rating” provides “LifeLock” like security for fleets.

Website https://www.tranzhalo.com


CEO Name Lillian Roberts

Description Xendoo is a cloud-based, flat-rate, monthly subscription that provides bookkeeping and accounting to small businesses. By moving the process to a cloud-based Saas, Xendoo’s proprietary platform brings exponential gains in efficiency to an outdated industry. Most small business owners are kept up at night worrying about their finances. They love what they do, but hate dealing with taxes and bookkeeping. Xendoo automates financial reporting and delivers tax filings at a price unattainable by traditional accountants.

Website https://www.xendoo.com

Header Photo Credit: Unsplash.com

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