Three Free Marketing Strategies for Startups

Every business is concerned with growth, but none are more hungry for traction than startups. Challenging more established brands, these young businesses clamor to be seen and earn customers. Yet, there is a delicate balance between demonstrating value and alienating audiences with needy marketing tactics to score those first users.

So, what’s a winning startup marketing strategy when you’re tight on resources?

Umama Kibria, the savvy startup CEO behind SweatPack and the personal fitness brand,, has some answers.

With nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram alone, she has leveraged her authentic storytelling and enthusiasm to become an expert at building brand-loyalty and impact.

At our recent Startup Sisters event in Atlanta, she shared three free marketing tips to grow startups on a budget:

  1. Engagement Marketing: You have to create more than just quality social media content. Engagement marketing can purposefully connect you with decision-makers. Stand out by creating a unique tone and voice that reflects your values and team. Showcase the real people behind your brand and spark conversations with others.
  2. Event Marketing: Design your ideal network and use events to reshape your business community. If you bring people in the same room and produce a quality experience for them, then that fosters stronger relationships. Whether it’s pictures, business cards, or new connections, you also are giving something to this audience. People will remember those positive feelings and start to organically promote your brand to others for free.
  3. Influencer Marketing: Don’t be afraid to be a “walking billboard for yourself.” Be the voice of your business through vlogging. Tell your own story and let others see who you are and what you’re passionate about. People invest in people they know and trust. Video can create that allegiance second-hand. Even if your brand pivots and you pursue new ideas, your fans will follow and support you based on that connection.

Want to learn more about Umama Kibria and SweatPack, an app that connects people to workout groups and sport leagues? Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her on Instagram.

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